Terms & Conditions


After your order is placed you will be in charge of contacting us , we can communicate through Skype , Live Chat, Email and Twitter.

With each order you are entitled to 2 full redo’s if you are not happy with the end product, we will work closely with you however to hope to avoid this situation.

*For every redo, the process is redone and will be completed within a new 3 week time.

Each order may take anywhere from One Business Day to 3 Weeks, but no longer, depending on the orders we have and the situations that may occur.

There are no refunds once order is started.

Logo designs & Motion intros are exempt to the time restraint and may take longer as well the full redo’s are not a part of the logo design.



The Company may require more information following Your payment to properly determine that the payment has been authorized by You. Extra verification may include:

– Phone call to a contracted phone number
– Text message to a contracted phone number
– Social media verification
– Paypal transactions history
– Government-Issued Photo ID
– Payment History
– Other

These identity verification methods help The Company in preventing fraud. Failure to comply with The Company’s request may result in 24 hour payment seizure and/or a refund of your payment. The Company reserves the right to refuse business to You if you do not complete the requested identity verification.



The Company seeks to eliminate fraud through identity verification procedures. In the circumstance that Your payment is reversed following a completed order by The Company, The Company reserves the right to deduct the reversed amount from future orders made by You. The Company reserves the right to seek repayment for all reversed transactions for which the services have already been completed.

The Company reserves the right to submit your full information to authorities and payment processors following a reversed payment. The Company also reserves the right to share your name and payment information with other merchants following a reversal.



If your order has been placed with Paypal and or a Credit/Debit card you will not attempt to charge back your order after the product has been delivered to you. We will fight every false Charge back to the highest extent.

If you dispute while your order is being worked on, we will stop until it is resolved. If we win the dispute we will continue the work as normal. However the down days from the dispute will be added to the deadline to ensure our full 3 weeks of work.



If you have placed an order and we have not yet spoken to you on details and would like to request a refund please send an email to [email protected] or use are live chat and we will fully corporate to get you your money back.



When you order a logo design you are accepting that you will have all the details ready for our logo designer. There are no redo’s on logo designs. A sketch can be requested before the design is finalized.


Once you have placed your order there are no refunds as well after the designer has been giving the details of the logo.